Monday, February 6, 2012


We've had two sick boys around here the past two weeks! Brendan all the sudden came down with a "wet" cough two Mondays ago and, by Wednesday, he was miserable. He never had a fever, just this bad cough and a runny nose. It made it very hard for him to sleep, which, I'm sure, made him feel worse. He really wanted to go to school on Wednesday and I knew he wasn't contagious by that point and he just had the cough, so I went ahead and brought him after giving him some Delsym (recommended by the doctor). The Delsym didn't work AT ALL and by lunchtime they called and asked me to come get him because they didn't think he would be able to nap at school with all his coughing. We came home and he still wasn't able to nap hardly at all. We ended up giving him some Benadryl that night and it helped him sleep.

He was all better by Saturday which, of course, is when Griffin woke up with the same cough. I was worried it might be RSV because that is so rampant right now. I made him a doctor's appointment for Monday. We went to the doctor on Monday and he didn't think it was RSV and said it was very early if it was. He gave me a prescription for a steroid to get filled if Griffin started coughing so much that he couldn't catch his breath. Wednesday morning, I noticed he was wheezing when he would breathe so I called the doctor and they said to get the prescription filled and let them know if he wasn't showing improvement in 24 hours from the first dose. He wasn't, so we went back to the doctor on Thursday afternoon. His oxygen level was "a solid B" according to the pediatrician but he said he did think it could be RSV so he sent us to Cook Children's to get the RSV test. Sure enough, it came back positive. By Friday, he was already seeming better, though, and he has continued to improve. He still coughs a little bit at bedtime and naptime but not much and he seems like he feels fine. The steroid, though, made him very hungry and he was up every 2 hours to eat at night Friday and Saturday :( That made for one tired Mama, but my wonderful husband let me sleep in on Sunday and I slept until 8:30! I never would have guess a few years ago that I would consider that "sleeping in." :)

Other than that, we went to Houston weekend before last for Tim's mom's birthday. We were so happy to be able to celebrate with Nana and for Brendan to get to play with his cousins, Carolyn and Kate. We stopped in Waco on the way there to drop the dogs off and on the way back to pick them up and visited with my dad (Pops), stepmom (Lolli) and brother and sisters.

Here's some pictures:

Playing with his train/construction set after his nap (that's why he looks like of out of it and red-cheeked :))

Isn't he beautiful?!

Happy Boy! After a nap again, so excuse the silly outfit.

Tim and his boys. I was so excited they were all smiling that I moved the camera and cut part of Brendan and Tim off! Oh well, still cute.

Blurry, but too cute to pass up.

Rolling around on a blanket playing.

Hangin' out in his easy chair...

On Wednesday, I'm interviewing to be a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. It's an hour and a half interview and I've also had to do an hour training video online (as well as fill out an application and give 5 references). Please keep me in your thoughts that I do well in the interview AND that, if matched, I am able to be a positive influence on a little girl's life.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Sara said...

Hope your boys feel better soon!

Good luck to you on your interview. A child would be very lucky to have you as a mentor.