Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunny Days

Here I am, going another two weeks without posting. Baby steps to more frequent posting, I guess ;) I'm going to try to make up for it later this week by doing a posting about cloth diapering. We didn't do it with Brendan but we are with Griffin, so I'd like to write a little about it.

Not a whole lot going on around here. Just getting older and bigger by the day! Tim went out of town on Wednesday until late Thursday, so I had one of my first times with both the kids by myself (may have been the first time, actually!). It all went smoothly. We didn't have a very good night on Wednesday night, but all-in-all it wasn't bad.

Griffin is finally back to normal after getting off the steroids. We feed him now if he wakes up from 4:00 AM on. If he wakes up before that (some nights he does, some nights he doesn't), we just let him put himself back to sleep. We were totally off the pacifier and then, after the steroids, I tried giving it to him again to help him not need to eat so often. Well, we went right back to waking up EVERY hour for the pacifier. So, that was a no-go. We are back to no paci at all. Sometimes, it is hard to not have it at all, but I am actually really happy we have gotten rid of it this early with both Brendan and Griffin because they forget about it quickly so there is no period of adjustment like there would be if we waited later. I won't say I'll never let a kid keep it longer than this because I'm not opposed to kids having them. However, I am opposed to waking up every hour just for a paci replacement! And, I'm not willing to keep doing it until the kid figures out how to get it in his mouth on his own. But, if I have a kid that doesn't wake up constantly for it, then I will let them keep it longer.

Griffin finally ate some bananas the other day - his first solid that he seemed "ready" for but I haven't given him anything since. Zulily (a kid's discount website), had Beaba Babycooks on there the other day and I have always wanted one SO bad but they are pretty expensive. It steams and purees in one contraption, so you don't have to do multiple steps - which, I am finding, is a must when I have two kids! Anyway, I got one when they were on Zulily and it is on it's way to me now, so I am planning on starting as soon as I get it.

Brendan is still enjoying school and talks nonstop these days. He can say everything we say and is starting to say things very clearly. He told Tim "I love you" on the phone for the first time the other day :) I'm still waiting to hear it myself! He is definitely a Daddy's boy.

Get ready for a picture overload!

Valentine's Day. My favorite holiday of the year. I was so excited because I ordered the cutest shirts from Bugaboo Bliss (she can custom make anything) for them and I couldn't wait to get a cute picture of the two of them. Brendan, however, was not interested in obliging me and was in the WORST mood that morning. This is the result of my photo session:

Brendan's shirt says "Love Machine."

Here's a picture of Griffin in his shirt. Not a great picture, but the only one where he had his hands down so you could see the whole shirt. His name is on the bandaid :)

After trying my photo session, Griffin had a poop explosion and I had to wash his onesie. I had the shirt Brendan wore for his first Valentine's Day, so I put Griffin in that and attempted a photo session again (after Brendan had been banned to his room for 15 minutes because I told him to stay in there until he could act nice!). Not a great picture, but better than the others. 

He turned 5 months old on February 16! I can't believe he is five months, but it does seem like he has always been a part of our lives.

Obviously, Brendan doesn't ever want to take pictures with Griffin. I was making him laugh and then aske him to get down next to Griffin so I could get a picture of both of them smiling. This is how he reacted. I love how Griffin is looking over at him. Haha

Griffin sits up! He started yesterday (I was gone. Tim didn't tell me because he thought he was already doing it.) and sat up for about 20 seconds. This is from today. He still tips over after less than a minute, but it's progress!

Here are some cute pictures of Brendan. He was acting mean, again, which is kind of a trend these days! But, it always makes him laugh whenever I tell him he's being "ornery." So, I was telling him he was being sooo ornery today and then I would "moo" after telling him that and he thought it was hilarious. Some great pictures resulted :)

Griffin can sit in the shopping cart like a big boy now!

And, he got his very own swing and can swing outside with Brendan now! He loves it and usually falls asleep, like Brendan used to do. This day, I put this hat on him because it was bright outside and I didn't want the sun to be in his eyes. Brendan kept telling me that Griffin looked "funny" with his hat on. He also told me that Griffin was having fun swinging. I'm glad he can already tell me what Griffin thinks since Griffin can't talk yet!

Here's one of Brendan swinging, too. Can you believe how old he looks?! When I looked at him swinging, I thought, he doesn't even look like a toddler anymore. He looks like a little boy. Sad for me that he is growing up :( But he is tons of fun these days!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful two weeks! I'm not sure when I'll do the cloth diaper post this week, but stay tuned!


Natalie said...

Adorable pics! Jack tells me all the time what Christopher is thinking/feeling... who knows, maybe they actually can read each others' minds? Ha ha!

roberta mcdonald said...

I remember cloth diapers. I did them with my own kids about 33 years ago! Everything old is becoming new again!