Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Kidding (Re: Blog Future)

Ok, just kidding. Toots is still sleeping right now so I decided to go ahead and do the big announcement about the "future" of the blog that I alluded to here.

That's right, folks, I'm going private. I know I've said countless times that I didn't want to take this blog private and, really, I don't. But, every day, multiple times a day, someone from another country that I've never even heard of, visits my blog. When this first started happening, I thought "COOL! People alllll around the world are reading my blog!!! (squeeeealllllll)" But, then I started thinking "Wait. I've never even heard of that country, much less ever met (or "met") anyone from there. Weird." And now I'm just officially weary of it. Call me over-protective or whatever, but it kind of creeps me out that there is a possibility some weirdo/psycho is reading my blog and looking at pictures of my family.

Secondly, I don't like uploading my pictures through Flickr first - and it has a MB liper month so I can't even upload all the pictures I post on here - and I don't like having to go to and watermark, even though I think that's cool. And, most of all, I don't like using a nickname for my child. Yes, nicknames are fun, but I pretty much always accidentally write his real name first and then have to go back and delete and write his nickname. It's a lot of effort and I just want to be able to say his name sometimes for goodness sake. But I can't. Because there are crazy people out there who steal your pictures and your kid's names and pretend they have your life. And that's unfortunate but I can't do anything to change it.

So, the conclusion I've finally come to is that I'm taking the blog private. I realize this is a tiny hassle because you have to log in, but you can ask it to "remember" you so you don't have to log in everytime. And, if that's too much of a hassle to you or you just don't like to read private blogs, that's fine. While I absolutely love, love, love the fact that you people read my blog, it is a chronicle of my life to look back on one day. I want to write stuff that is helpful to people, but if it's too much trouble for you to log in, then you don't have to take the time to read it.

People who don't have a Google/Gmail account, FEAR NOT! Thanks to my friend, Lacey, who is also considering taking her blog private, I have a solution for you. I will have an e-mail address just for people who don't have Google/Gmail accounts to be able to use to login to read the blog.

Here's what I need you to do. I need you to e-mail me at (or, if you know my other e-mail address, feel free to e-mail me there) and tell me you'd like to be able to read the blog when I make it private and give me your gmail address so I can send you an invite. Or, if you don't have a Gmail address, tell me that you don't have one and you need me to give you the Gmail address I've made for you to read the blog as well as the password and I'll be happy to do that.

I do hope that those of you who enjoy reading this blog will e-mail me and tell me that you want to continue reading it. I love your comments and I do love knowing people read, but I'm tired of all the run-around I'm having to do just to be able to keep writing publicly. I'm going to leave this post up for the next two weeks to give you plenty of time to e-mail me.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week so far and I hope to hear from you :)


Natalie said...

FYI, you don't need a google email to sign into Blogger. I use my Yahoo one...I don't know if that is helpful for anyone!

STEPH said...

I found your blog on I saw that you were a featured mom and that you were an aggie, so I clicked on your blog to find out more. Once I clicked on your blog I realized I had found your blog before at These are both extremely PUBLIC websites. I understand you want to protect your family and all the more power to you, but you need to realize why people are visiting your blog from all over. A direct link to your blog can be found at both of these sights, which I know are frequently visited. Instead of playing a victim, you should probably take responsibility for the role you played in so many strangers visiting your personal blog.