Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi, I'm back to the land of blogging!

Sometimes when Toots is "talking" these days, it sounds like he is saying "heyyy" to us. Hence, the title of the blog post. I'm going to do most of my update in a series of pictures with captions because I don't really know a better way to sum it all up without typing way too much! Oh, by the way, that poster giveaway I posted about week before last? I won it!! Yayyyyy!! I never win anything so this is super exciting to me!

First, Toots had some battle scars from his 6 month appointment...

I don't have a picture of this, but on Friday, July 9, I flew to San Antonio to get my hair done and I was planning to drive back to Fort Worth with my mom the next day. We originally were going to all go and stay for the weekend in SA, but plans changed. I didn't want to bring Toots on a flight and then a 5 hour drive back the next day because I thought that was too much, so Tim stayed with him overnight and half the day for the first time. They had a great time together and Tim did an awesome job (of course!).

Next, it was my birthday....I am now a quarter of a century old. (Excuse the blurry pic)
The day started out with me going to get an EIGHTY minute massage, courtesy of my wonderful husband and little boy! It was heavenly! And, the place where I got the massage gave me a mimosa as a birthday gift :) My dad, stepmom, brother and sisters came down for the dinner. We went and ate at Pasado's (sp?) for dinner and then came home and had a delicious strawberry cake they brought me.

Also, earlier on my birthday, we had a playdate at Toot's new friend's house. A is only 3 days older than him and they are pretty cute together. Toots loved some drums she had, so I am searching everywhere trying to find them for him. Every Target in the city is out of them except one in Arlington but that's like 30 minutes away.
B & A

Toots got a new fishbowl toy from his CiCi. He loveeeees the crab. It makes a crinkly noise and he likes to chew on it all.the.time.

He's still very happy almost all of the time

Toots got a new puzzle with big knobs to make it easier for him to grab

Mostly, he likes to pull out each piece one at a time, chew on it, toss it aside, and pick up another one.

We like to do lots of playing in the morning after eating our banana and drinking some milk.

Heyyyyy mom! (His hair sticks up all the time, even if I brush it :))

His new most favorite thing is playing in the sink

I tried undressing him and filling the sink with water. He only liked it a little. Look at those biceps!

We had a swimming playdate, but Toots was having a bad day, so he didn't have too much fun.

I had a mom's night out last week as well at The Wine Loft in Southlake. I picked up A's mom, Nicole, and we met 4 other moms there. It was a really, really fun time and it was nice to have some girl talk without the babies.

We got Toots a rocking "horse." It's actually an octopus - Ollie the Octopus. He's not very good at staying on it right now but it's very cute.

I gave him a stuffer animal when he was taking a nap the other day, just to see what he would do with it. When I went in to get him when he woke up, this is how he was laying in the crib...

On Friday, I was cleaning the house and Toots was playing on the floor by himself. He has gotten SO good at playing alone when I need to do things and played by himself for an entire hour when I was cleaning. He likes me to put the basket of his small toys on the floor and then he tips it over on its side and picks the toys out of it. All of the sudden, I couldn't see him sitting up anymore and I ran over to make sure he was okay. This is how I found him:
He wasn't crying or anything. He did, however, start crying when I took more than one picture.

Also on Friday, we met his Pops for lunch and we decided Pops would take him back to Waco with him so Tim and I could go see Inception, have dinner, and have a night to ourselves. It was the first time Toots was away in a different city as both of us, but it was nice to have a night alone and Toots had a wonderful time. We went on Saturday to get him and spend the night. I don't even know if he knew we were gone :) Here's some pictures:

Lots and lots of playing (I thought it was cute how the yellow ring is hooked on his foot)

With Lolli (look at that belly!)

With Pops

And with Aunt Emily (more belly)

I've been terrible about participating in the Mommy and Me picture thing. I have several pictures, but keep forgetting to post on Fridays. I will hopefully change that this week! Also, I will do a Skinny Tuesday update on Tuesday. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Bobbi Janay said...

Looks like he is all about getting into things. I am glad you had a great Birthday. Date nights are awesome.

YaYa said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Glad you got to get out and enjoy yourself. Toots is just getting to be such a big boy and is just precious....I love all the pics, especially him in bed with his stuffed animal!!! thanks for sharing!!!

Seth and Lacey mase said...

He is SUCH a cutie!! I wish Mitchell and Toots could be friends... I have a feeling they would love each other with all they have in common. :) Happy Birthday - here's to another fun-filled year!!

michelle k said...

Why has it been like 47 years since I checked your blog?! I feel like I don't check anyone's anymore and I hate that! Anyway, totally realized while I was reading that I was just smiling through the whole post. I lovvveee him so much! I love his pokey hair. He's sitting up so well!! I loved your birthday cake. I'm so glad you are spoiled, makes me happy :D