Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Re-Cap

I saw this on some other blogs I read (Sara and Sarah's blogs), so I thought I'd do one, too.

Here is a re-cap of what happened to us in 2009:

Tim moved up to Fort Worth for his job right before the New Year. This was the beginning of our "long distance marriage" where we just saw eachother on the weekends. We were SO thrilled that he got a job, though, and, even better - it was in Fort Worth! I finished my 8th quarter at Baylor.

First married Valentine's Day. I don't even remember what we did, though! I started Practice Court I and II and was reading constantly. It was probably good Tim and I weren't spending the weeks together because it made reading for class really easy because I didn't have anyone around to talk to. I stopped taking my birth control this month because I hadn't had a period for the past two months and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I thought maybe the new birth control I started was messing me up.

We moved into the house we were renting here in Fort Worth and started all the projects of trying to make it look better. Spent Spring Break painting all the different rooms and continuously cleaning. Discovered we had mice - yuck. Went and saw Roger Creager in concert at Billy Bob's - my first ever concert there. At the end of the month, Tim came to Waco for the weekend and we got broken into. Our Wii, stereo, Bose iPod player, bag of change, Tim's tools, and some DVDs were stolen. We immediately started looking for somewhere else to live.

Moved into our apartment at Amli on April 1 and I finally had my period (Sorry if that's TMI!!) but decided to stay off birth control one more month to make sure things were back to normal. Tim had to move all by himself because it was during the week so I was in school. Still going on and on through PC and now having mini-trials. At almost the end of the month, I moved up to Fort Worth for good and was just going to drive back and forth for my last quarter. I had finals the last weekend/week of April and that is when we (unknowingly) conceived our little Thorne! Also, we started attending our church at the beginning of this month.

Celebrated our first anniversary!! We got massages during the day and went and stayed at the Omni in Fort Worth and ate at Bob's Steak and Chophouse. It was a really fun time and exciting to have been married a year. I was totally exhausted, though, and wanted to go to bed about 9:00 PM. I thought it was just because of finals exhaustion...I started my final quarter at Baylor in PC III (that was the only class I had to take) and found out I got Titanic for my Big Trial. I also started BarBri bar prep classes this month. Tim was still rocking along at his job and doing awesome at it. We were confirmed at our church the last weekend of May.

At our confirmation and the week before that, I was feeling SO nauseated and nothing sounded good to eat. June 1, I went to the doctor to try to figure out a solution to my migraines I was having and he told me he thought they were hormonal but I should get an MRI just to be safe. June 2, in the morning before I left for Waco for class, I was still feeling "off" and decided I should take a pregnancy test. I went into the guest bathroom to take it while Tim was in the shower because I knew he would be mad if I was taking one (I was notorious for taking them and thinking I was pregnant and he was tired of me wasting money on them!). It popped up "Pregnant" on the digital test almost immediately. I ran into the bathroom and stuck the pregnancy test into the shower and Tim started laughing. Spent the drive to Waco finding out an OB to go to and calling to make my first appointment. Told the first person, my friend Stephanie, that I was pregnant. That weekend, I got my new car! Left gifts for my mom and stepdad to find when they got back in town from vacation to tell them I was pregnant. Had our first doctor's appointment and confirmed I was 8 weeks, 5 days pregnant (I thought I was maybe 6 weeks pregnant because I took a pregnancy test on May 1 that was negative). We told my dad and the rest of the family on Father's Day weekend. Started planning for life with baby and continuing with school stuff.

Started the second trimester, celebrated my 24th birthday, finished Big Trial of Titanic (it was so terrible!), took finals, and took the bar! This was a veryyyy busy month!!

August 1st I graduted from law school! Woo hoo! That was a great day. August 3rd, I started my internship at the DA here in Fort Worth, which was totally awesome. We celebrated Tim's birthday on August 11th. August 31st, we found out that we were having a BOY!

I continued my internship at the DA and finished it on September 30th. I don't remember much happening in September to write about....oh, except we moved into our first floor apartment at Amli from our third floor apartment.

We went on our "babymoon" to Red River the second weekend of October. We had a wonderful time and it was nice to get away for a little while - we hadn't done that since our honeymoon. Had my first baby shower in Beaumont and celebrated my mom's birthday. Celebrated Halloween as Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly and a Bump In the Road.

Found out I passed the bar!! Went to Austin for the induction ceremony. Had my second baby shower with friends in Frisco. Got the nursery all finished and ready for baby. Went to Crockett for Thanksgiving with family.

Celebrated Christmas with all our families in Fort Worth and Waco. It was awesome to have people come to our apartment this year because I couldn't travel so far this close to my due date. Had a wonderful time with everyone. Tonight, we are celebrating New Year's Eve at Tim's friend's house (which I agreed to because it's closer to the hospital than our house :)). Just waiting on our little one to arrive now.

All in all, 2009 was a crazy and busy year. Probably one of the biggest changing years of our lives with new job, new city, finishing school, taking the bar, and that little thing that will come into our lives soon :) I hope everyone had a wonderful year and, if not, a new one and a new start are upon us!

Happy New Year!


Sara said...

You have had a busy year, and 2010 will be even better I'm sure! Happy New Year!