Monday, July 13, 2009

Heartbeats and Birthdays

I guess I should start all the way back on Wednesday....I had my "Big" trial this week - the Titanic one. It was Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday we went until a little after 6:00 PM, Thursday we went until 8:00 PM, and Friday we went until 9:00 PM. We didn't win, per se, but we didn't get a huge judgment against us like they have in the past, so I was satisfied with the verdict. I only have ONE more class day tomorrow and I am done with law school forever (minus the final...which I have to pass to be done!)!

On Friday, my mom and stepdad came in town for my birthday. They were already here by the time I got home since the trial lasted so late on Friday. My mom had made Chicken Piccatta for me, so that was waiting on me but I had a hard time eating it because the dreaded heartburn has started to hit me. I think I figured out it has to do with eating fast food (I got it twice this week - once when I had eaten Whataburger and once when I had eaten Wendy's), so I am going to try to avoid that now!

Saturday, my stepdad was playing in a golf tournament so my mom, Tim, and I spent the day running around. We got the first gifts for the baby (pictures later, I promise!). I don't want to just described them because they are too cute for words :) We went to Joe T. Garcia's for dinner on Saturday night - I ate Tums before we even got the meal, just in case.

Sunday, we went to church - I wanted to get a blessing for my birthday, to Buttons (this good soul food type restaurant in Fort Worth) for lunch, and then my stepdad got home for dinner. Sunday was my actual birthday (24 now) and I decided to go to this place called Margie's Original Italian for dinner. It's kind of out in no-where but we tasted their food at Beastro at the Fort Worth Zoo and this blog that I love called Fort Worth Hole In The Wall wrote a review about it saying it was really great. I love Italian food so I was so excited. Unfortunately, it was NOT the experience I had hoped for. Tim wants to write the post about that, so that will be following, but I will leave you with the fact that it wasn't a good choice for my birthday dinner. The only good part was my mom and Tim made me a cake earlier in the day that we had for dessert.

Today, Tim had to work and I drove around with my mom and stepdad because we are trying to get them to move here, so we looked at houses. We went to Jake's hamburgers downtown for lunch and then decided to go to Ruth Chris for dinner. It DEFINITELY made up for the bad experience last night and was soooo delicious! I got a Creme Brulee for dessert and a filet and baked potato for dinner.

The big news about today, though, is that we went to the doctor and heard the baby's heartbeat! Although we heard it on our home doppler, it was still a big relief to hear it at the doctor's office because 1) we knew we were hearing the right thing at home and 2) we got a definite measurement of how fast it was going and where the baby is. It was 162 beats/minute which the doctor said was great. He said it isn't true that you can tell what the baby is by how fast its heartbeat is (there is an old wive's tale that if the heartbeat is over 160 beats or something like that that it is going to be a girl). We go back for our next appointment in 4 weeks, on August 10th, and we have the BIG appointment to find out what the baby is in 7 weeks, around August 31st. I can't wait for that one and to get to see the baby again since we haven't gotten to see it since it looked like a little blob (in the picture in our blog header).

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I'll post pictures of the new gifts for the baby and get Tim to post his Margie's story ASAP!