Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Purchases

We already gave in and purchased two gifts for the baby (or, my mom did as part of my birthday presents :)). I didn't want to just describe the cuteness to y'all, so I took a picture of them.

This is "Spunky" the dog. That was his name on the tag. He is SO soft!

And, of course, being the die-hard Aggies that we are, one of the most essential purchases is the baby's first A&M gear! Aren't they adorable?!

I've got my final tomorrow, so I'm studying hard, but I wanted to post these like I said I would so I would quit thinking about how I needed to do it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


michelle k said...

Ahh!! My mom bought Miss a dog too, probably when I was about as far along as you. And you know, it's still cool to see her cuddle it. I remember when he would sit on the sofa or on the changing table just waiting for her to be born! So fun!! Cute booties!