Monday, May 25, 2009


Sorry I didn't keep my promise to try and update more last week. It seems like everytime I think I'm going to get things under control for this quarter, something happens to make it all crazy again. I have a lot of stress over this case (Titanic) and preparing for the bar at the same time.

You know how it seems like, when you have a group project or something, that everyone is on the same page, but then someone is totally crazy and messes the whole thing up? That's how it is for this case. There are 8 people involved (4 teams) and I'm pretty sure 7 of us would be really laid back and try to work together to make this easier but then there is this one guy who is making it so difficult. I guess he thinks he is going to be a badass or something about the case, but really it just makes everyone (or at least the three other people I've talked to) hate him and want to do the opposite of what he asks. I just really wish he would cool down and not try to make this already hard case even harder!

Friday, Tim and I went and ate at Joe T. Garcia's here in Fort Worth for the first time. I felt like we couldn't call ourselves real Fort Worthians if we hadn't eaten there because we hear so much about it! It was really good! They only have two dishes you can get and they are served family style - either enchiladas or fajitas. We got fajitas this time and I think we'll try enchiladas next time. They also have really good (but strong!) margaritas. After that, we went to this new place in Colleyville called The Yogurt Patch and had yogurt. That was the second time we have been there - it's yummy.

Saturday, we layed out for a little bit and Tim washed his truck. We also went and saw new Terminator movie. It was better than I thought it would be. We saw it in Colleyville and it was really crowded there - they told us the IMAX had sold out the show before we were there for the new Night at the Museum movie.

Yesterday we just kind of hung out. We washed my car and of course it rained. But, I didn't really drive it so I think it's okay. Then, I worked on some school stuff and that was about it. Luckily, it was sunny again today so we both did some work (Tim worked from home today) and then went by the pool for a little bit. Now I'm doing more work again and Tim is watching Napolan Dynomite.

I wish this next week would be a little calmer, but I think it's going to be just as crazy. I will try to do better with some updates, though. Hope everyone had a great weekend and wonderful Memorial Day!


Sara said...

Mmmm, my husband loves Joe T's. It's funny since he's a transplant and I grew up in FW, but don't really care for it. The ritas are good though.