Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Delayed Update

Ok, here it is, finally :)

Friday, we ended up not going to a movie because I went and got my spray tan and I was all sticky. So, instead we went out to eat at Gloria's (mexican/salvadorian/yummy!) and then came back home.

Saturday morning, we got up and went to our couple's massage. It was HEAVENLY. Exactly what I needed after my extremely hard quarter and finals. Then we went and ate BBQ at Angelo's here in Ft. Worth. We came back home and received a package from my friend, Sandy, who was the maid of honor in our wedding. It was a basket with wine and a bunch of different foods to congratulate us on our anniversary! Very nice :) Then, I went and got my hair trimmed. I came back home and we left for the hotel. We had decided to leave Tucker at the apartment for the night. We put pee-pads out and made sure he had food and water and Tim assured me he would be fine. We pulled out of the apartment complex and I told Tim I couldn't do it...so we went back and got Tucker and he got to spend the night with us at the hotel! We got to the hotel, hung out for a little bit, went down to one of the bars in the hotel to watch the Kentucky Derby. Of course, *right* when it was starting, the TVs went out in the bar. I rannnn up to the room and was able to see it. Tim got up there just as it was finishing. We couldn't believe the 48 to 1 odds horse, Mine That Bird, won! I love when stuff like that happens.
Here is a picture of our room

After we watched the Derby, we got dressed and watched coverage of the Cowboy's practice field collapsing. Then, we went down to Bob's Steak and Chophouse (also in our hotel - very convenient since the weather was so bad!) to have dinner. It was divine. We shared a really good caesar salad, I had a filet and Tim had the Kansas City Strip. They came with baked potatoes and a carrot and we shared a side of applesauce. Weird, I know, but it is one of their signature things - made with rum. It was really good. We got a free dessert since it was our anniversary (score!) so we chose Creme Brulee, which was also reallly good. They put champagne in our room for us because we got a romance package, but we had just had a bottle of wine at dinner so we decided to save it and bring it home with us. We ended up going to bed pretty early because we are old and then woke up the next morning and had french toast (which also came with the romance package) and went to church. At our church, they give you a blessing on Sunday if it is your birthday or anniversary that week. Our anniversary was actually on Sunday, so we were able to get a blessing on the actual day, which was great.

Picture of us at Bob's

We came home on Sunday and ran some errands and then we decided to go to a movie that night. We went to Colleyville to the theatre my dad has there because you can also eat dinner during the movie. We saw State of Play, which was very, very good, and had yummy dinner. I had pizza and Tim had a burger. We came home and drank some of our champagne. We STILL haven't watched the wedding video, which I really want to do but it just hasn't happened yet.

Tonight, we are going to Tim's friend Wes' house for fajitas for Cinco de Mayo. Hope everyone has a great week!


Sara said...

Did you stay at the new Omni? Looks really nice. Also, does your dad own the theater in Colleyville? I noticed not long ago it opened back up. BTW, we LOVE Gloria's. Yum!