Monday, September 20, 2010


Where to start! I was exhausted all week last week because of my cold, so I never felt like posting (or working, or moving, or anything else for that matter ;)). We've had a busy couple of weeks and I don't want to overwhelm you with lots of words, so I'll mostly just narrate the pictures.

Thursday evening, I went out for a girl's night with one of my friends from the playgroup. We went to dinner and ended up closing down the restaurant! I pulled back into our driveway at 10:30 PM and, right as I was pulling in, a yellow lab ran past our house and around the corner. I'm always trying to rescue dogs because I just can't stand the thought of things happening to them, so I called it back around the corner and brought it inside. I figured out it was a girl and I gave her some food and water and put her in the backyard. She was acting upset about being back there, so I got worried she was on her way home and brought her back to the front porch. Right when we went outside, a car drove by and she ran after. I thought that was the end of it and she was gone. I went back to our room and a couple minutes later went back to turn the front porch light off and she was sitting on the front porch. I put her back in the backyard and we brought her to the vet the next morning to fill out some "found" papers and figure out what our options were. The girl at the vet didn't want us to take her to the animal shelter, so she e-mailed the information to surrounding vets and suggested I put the information on Craigslist. I also posted it on my Facebook. She's about 1 year old and very good, not as hyper as labs usually are at that age and she's been lots of fun. I sent an e-mail to that friend I had been to dinner with to ask her if she knew anyone that might want a lab in case we didn't find the owners. No one has ever contacted us about her and I haven't seen any signs looking for a lost lab.

We would keep her except that I am allergic to short-haired dogs and we had already put a deposit down on a Wheaten Terrier puppy (Google them, they're hilarious :)) because they are a little bigger dog like Tim wants, but they are hypoallergenic and they are supposed to be one of the best dogs you could have with kids. We have been growing attached to Carmen (that's what we named her) since she's been here, but we just felt like three dogs and kids would be a little too much. Luckily, my friend called me today and her mother-in-law wants to take Carmen!! She has been thinking about getting a lab and got the e-mail that my friend sent to all her contacts and decided she wants to take her. I'm SO excited she is going to have a good home and I will be able to continue to get updates on how she's doing.
Over the past two weeks, we have become very interested in cows. Brendan loves this squirt two cow he can chew on and he also has a little water-proof material book that has a dog, a cat, and a cow in it and he lovesss to look at the cow. In fact, he usually says "ca" or something like that everytime he sees the cow (and he doesn't do it when he sees the dog and cat). Kind of weird to think his first word might be "cow," but kind of cute, too :) (this was right after his bath is why his hair looks all crazy)

My mom, stepdad, and Nanny came to visit a couple weekends ago. Brendan thinks his PeePaw is awesome and especially loved getting to ride on his shoulders.

Of course, he also loves his Nanny and CiCi tons, too, even if he never wants to cooperate by smiling in pictures!

We played naked a little bit and also started to cross our feet ALL the time. Anytime he's sitting down now, he almost always crosses his feet. This is the book I mentioned above with the dog, cat, and cow.
We like to stand, A LOT, and would prefer to stand all the time. It's very difficult on Mommy because he still won't pull himself up so I have to stand him up on something and then sit close in case he topples over. I pretty much have to force him to sit down sometimes so I can get something done! (I think he looks old in this picture...what happened to my baby?!)

He thinks it's hilarious when I say "oopsie daisy!"
We had a playdate with some of our friends at our house. He is starting to get jealous of other people playing with his toys, especially that Leap Frog table he is standing at in the picture above. Everytime another kid would come over and pull up on the table, he would scream. Awesome. Hopefully he gets past that soon.

The day before we found Carmen, we were walking with Brendan and found two dogs running down the main street in our neighborhood. Luckily, these dogs had tags with their names, addresses, and a phone number on them so we quickly found the owners. They weren't at home at the time so we had to bring the dogs (Freckles and Buster) back to the house for about 45 minutes. They were cute but Tucker was not too fond of them.
We've played with puzzles and done LOTS of tummy time but are still not interested in crawling at all. He's become a little more consistent with rolling around to get to things and also will move his feet as if walking when we are holding under his arms (he won't hold our hands).

And we've posed for some pictures for Mommy, still being VERY difficult about allowing Mommy to catch him smiling in a picture. Doesn't his shirt make him look like a little man? :)

We stayed in town this past weekend and went to church on Sunday. It was Brendan's first time in the nursery and I think he did great. He was getting fussy when I went and picked up him, but they said he rolled around a bunch and also had a girlfriend haha. This week, I'm trying to do lots of catching up on work.
Hope y'all have had a great two weeks! Sorry for the long time with posting!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Sorry I never posted last week. With the Labor Day holiday, I got thrown off and just never found a chance to take the time to blog. And, yesterday I came down with some sort of sinus infection and feel like death today.

I promise I'll blog sometime this week!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Week At Home

As I mentioned in one of my posts last week, we were trying to stay home most of the week because I didn't want to have to fill up with gas until Friday and I only had a quarter of a tank. I tried to come up with some fun and "different" stuff for us to do at home since we aren't used to staying home so much. Here are some pictures of what we did.

I filled up my bathtub with water and put Brendan and I in our bathing suits and we "swam" and played in the water. He loved it!
We went to the park and went down some slides for the first time. I went down the slides with him and then, once, on this slide I just held him from the side and helped him go down. He wasn't scared but he was less than impressed with the experience.

He played naked one day which I haven't let him do since he was only a couple months old and had bad diaper rash. When I put him down on all the towels I laid on the carpet, he promptly peed on my foot. Good times. Luckily, he didn't pee again after that. He's channeling Matthew McConnaughey in this picture, a la playing the bongos naked (but he wasn't high on pot ;)).

Wayyy back in May, I bought a kit to make a garden/stepping stone for my Nanny's garden for her birthday. I realized this week I had forgotten to make it all this time, so one afternoon we did that. I know it's not the greatest thing, but I did get a really good handprint!

We also played outside with his toys one morning. He really loves being outside.

He played with paper one day (all the ads from the newspaper that weren't made of newspaper material).

Of course, he wanted to eat it and I had to keep taking it out of his mouth, but he likes the sound paper makes when you crinkle it so I knew he would enjoy it.

We practiced playing ball and rolling the ball back and forth to eachother.

He got his first toothbrush and likes to "brush" his teeth throughout the day.

On Saturday evening, Nanny and Papa came and spent the night on their way home from Red River, NM. They brought Brendan a really cool camo chair. I couldn't get him to look at me but here's a picture of him in it.

The next morning, we went to eat at Cracker Barrel before they left. Here's Brendan and Papa chatting before we left for breakfast :) Brendan LOVES his Papa (and Nanny, too, of course!) and loves to look at him all the time.
Last but not least, we played in the grass, which is another thing Brendan is veryyy fond of. I don't understand it because the grass itches my legs, but he thinks it's fun to rub his legs around in the grass and pull the grass up out of the ground.

That's about all. Hope everyone had a fun weekend!