Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Boy Blue

Here are some of the recent purchases/gifts for baby Thorne. I promise I won't post everytime we buy something, but just this time since we just found out he's a boy :)

This is what Tim's mom bought us this weekend that I was talking about in Sunday's post. A&M pacifiers and a onesie. It's hard to see in the picture but it says "...then comes baby in a baby carriage."

This adorable little outfit is from a man I work with at the DA named Robert. He has a little girl and was disappointed that he wasn't going to be able to give us a bunch of little girl clothes that his daughter never wore. But, he found this one boy outfit in her closet and brought it to me today at work. Still has the tags on it since they have a girl and it is SO CUTE! You can't tell in the picture put the pants have little knee-pads on them!

This was the outfit we bought for Toots on Monday after the ultrasound. It's the first little boy thing we bought. I accidentally took the picture with the bottom of the one pant leg turned in, but they boy have the little cuff on the bottom and the cuff has little trains on it. The onesie and hat have a little train on them and the hat is reversible to be a train scene.

Last but not least, his first piggy bank! We thought the elephant was really sweet and different. I'm planning on getting a bank for each of the kids we have.

Hope everyone's week is going well so far! Thanks for all the sweet comments after the big announcement yesterday!


abby and paxton said...

congrats on the baby BOY! Yay! My boy is so sweet- you'll have tons of fun with your boy. There are some really really cute clothes for boys. You'll get tons of cute outfits, but then have to wait forever before he can wear anything. Ty still just wears little onesies and nothing too cute... so fun! Cute piggy bank idea. I like that. Maybe i'll start that too eh? Congrats again - that is very exciting!

Bobbi Janay said...

And elephants are part of Aggie traditions so it makes even more sense.