Friday, September 11, 2009

Google Ignoring 9/11

Two posts today...

I just read an article about how Google doesn't commemorate 9/11 on the search engine page with the logo. I've actually been on Google a couple times today but hadn't thought about it. They commemorate things like the first hot air balloon flight, or Andy Warhol's birthday, but apparently 3,000 people dying in our country isn't a big enough deal for them to change the logo for today. as well as both have commemorative pictures on their sites today.

Google also just started acknowledging Veteran's Day for the first time after receiving a number of complaints. This just really angers me. I don't forget 9/11 every year and neither does most of the country, according to news articles and the statuses I've seen on facebook today. Why would Google not commemorate something like this? I've seen them do a lot of tasteful and beautiful logo changes for various holidays and anniversaries, so I know they could do one for this.

I just think it's kind of a slap in the face for all those who lost their lives and all the soldiers fighting for our freedom and in the War on Terror for Google not to acknowledge this day. If I knew how I could contact them to complain, I would do it.



Sara said...

I see where you're coming from about the Google logo, but I personally think it's okay mostly because the Google logo changes are usually cute and fun and I think this is too somber a day to remember with a logo. Also, I agree with 9/11 being a national day of service rather than a holiday. A holiday is usually celebrated and as a nation we're not ready to celebrate. I have to think the other holidays are celebrated because they symbolize a victory or an idea, rather than one day of profound loss. I do appreciate your post about this as I think others should consider what it means to them.