Monday, August 10, 2009

THREE weeks!

Nothing too exciting to report from the doctor today. The heartbeat was 160 and the baby is still reallllly low. The doctor said because I have such a long torso, the baby will be lower and have more room to stretch out and I wouldn't be showing as much because my uterus isn't as high as most people at the stage I am at.

Exiting news...we get to find out whether Baby T is a boy or a girl in THREE weeks! August 31st at 10:00 AM we are going in for our BIG sonogram! Yipppeeee! I can't wait!

I made a little poll on the side to get your opinion as to what you think the baby will be...So cast your votes :)

Oh, and in case it makes any difference, I did an Intelligender test at about 12 weeks where you pee and put it in this little jar with stuff in it and swirl it around and if it turns orange it's a girl and if it turns green it's a boy. It turned green for us. I've been craving more sour stuff that sweet stuff (haven't really craved chocolate). Tim and I have felt from the beginning it would be a boy, as has most of our family but his dad, my mom, and my stepdad think it is going to be a girl. The heartbeat has always been very fast, so old wives' tale says "girl" for that. Just a little bit to confuse you!


Bobbi Janay said...

I bet you can't wait to find out. The next 3 weeks will drag on too. I have a blog badge for you so email to get it.

cspurlock said...

C's heartbeat was about 155-165 all the time && he turned out to be a little boy. I don't believe in all that wives tale stuff. I had a gut instinct that he was a boy & I was right! Can't wait to see you Friday!