Thursday, August 27, 2009


If you are friends with me on facebook, you're seeing this for the second time. Sorry!

Tonight, I was listening to the baby's heartbeat with my doppler. Usually, we use it on Sundays, but since I am going to the doctor on Monday, I decided to use it today. My mom gets worried if there are doppler waves hitting the baby two days in a row (haha). Anyway, I found the heartbeat and it was REALLY loud. Louder than it normally is but I knew it had to be the heartbeat because it was as fast as it normally is and there is nothing else in my body beating that fast. As I was listening to it, I felt the baby kick (or maybe punch) where the doppler was. I'm just now also being able to feel some kicks/punches from the outside. It hit exactly where the head of the doppler was! I laughed and said "do you not like that?" and, right after I said that, the baby kicked/punched it again! It cracked me up.

I cannot WAIT to see the baby and find out what it is on Monday! This is one weekend I actually hope goes by fast! I'll probably do one more post on Sunday with the weekly update and belly picture so that Monday's post can be solely devoted to the ultrasound and gender reveal.

Have a great weekend!


TexasBobbi said...

Ian didn't like the doppler he would kick punch and try to hide from it.