Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I recently started reading a new blog (as if I need more people's lives to be concerned about! ;)) that my friend, Stephanie, sent me called Little April Rose ( The writer of the blog is pregnant with a little girl (April Rose) who was not expected to live through the pregnancy. She is now 37 weeks and April is still with her. She has started a thing on her blog called "HIS Will Wednesday" where people can send in prayer requests. I was scrolling through the requests, most of which link to people's specific blogs, and came across a request for a baby named Noah. Noah is 5 months old and was born perfectly healthy. Last week, he was at daycare and a daycare worker shook him. Noah is now in a medically-induced coma because of seizures that resulted from being shaken. His parents don't know if he will be okay once he is taken out of the coma and he will have to have an MRI to see if his brain is damaged. (

This makes my heart so heavy. I started to cry just reading the brief story they have on this blog. I cannot even begin to imagine the parent's anguish in this situation. I cannot fathom getting a phone call to tell me that my child is having seizures because some shook him! Furthermore, I cannot imagine ever doing that to a small, innocent child. It's disgusting. The parents are trying to stay positive and hope for the best for their son. I ask you to pray for them and/or keep them in your thoughts during this incredibly difficult time.

There were so many prayer requests for HIS Will Wednesday. It just makes you realize all of the things going on in people's lives and how we need to be thankful for ours....


House of Brodt said...

Thanks for sharing Noah's story. Stories like this weigh heavy on my heart too and truly, I cannot even begin to fathom what would compel someone to do such a thing to an innocent child. It's truly devastating.