Monday, February 16, 2009


I made it through my first week of PC! This weekend we went to Austin for Tim's friend's wedding. John and Diana got married at Mandola Winery in Driftwood, TX. It was beautiful and the food was awesome! Mandola is the cousin of Carrabba and I L-O-V-E Carrabba's so I was pretty excited about it. The wedding was really pretty and the couple was so happy. I really like weddings.

We came back on Sunday and just went to my dad and Nancy's for dinner. I studied so I could get a little ahead to make the week easier for me.

I got called on in both PC classes last week. It didn't necessarily go as wonderful as a hoped, but it wasn't too bad and I didn't get a memo, so that was great! I'm just trying to truck on through and hoping it starts going by really fast.

I don't have too much else to update about - sorry :( I forgot to bring the camera to the wedding so I don't have any pictures to show y'all. I'll try to find some fun and exciting things to post since my life isn't too fun and exciting right now.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!