Thursday, February 5, 2009


I finished finals today, yippee! Also, we found a house to rent! I am so excited. It is in the neighborhood we really wanted to be in and is a three bedroom, two bathroom with a great backyard, two living rooms, a dining room, a fireplace, and a really cool little house in the backyard with a bar built into it!

We are going to move in in March, probably over my Spring Break but I won't be living there full time until May. There are a few things we are going to do to it, like change the curtains and paint the two bathrooms. Also, the cabinets in the kitchen have wallpaper on them, so we are going to strip that and paint them. The landlord told us we could do things to it and, if it would improve the value of the house, he would split the cost with us. The carpet in the bedrooms and the second living room is green so that's not the greatest, but it doesn't look too bad so we will keep it.

I am going to post pictures but I want to wait until we get the painting done and stuff moved in and I'll show y'all before and after. I think we might look for a new table and chairs because ours is from WalMart and is over five years old. I'd like to find some that have more than four chairs so we can seat more people. We also might have to get some extra furniture because we don't have enough for two living rooms.

We are so lucky to have found it and would have missed out if Jen from The Nest had not sent me the information. We are very thankful to her and so excited to be in her neighborhood soon :)

Hope everyone has a great Friday!