Tuesday, May 10, 2011

La La La

I don't have anything creative for a title and not much to post about. Sorry!

This week, I'm 19 weeks pregnant (20 on Thursday), so just right at halfway done with the pregnancy! Time is starting to go by faster and faster now. I just realized I accidentally put in the wrong picture and it's really hard to change out pictures for me on Blogger, so this is the 18 week one. I just took 19 weeks yesterday, so it will be better to wait on the 20 week one anyway or there won't be any difference :)

I can't remember if I said in my post, I don't think I did, but I had gained 5 pounds total when I went to my appointment last week. I'd like to keep it at 5 pounds through this week. We'll see if I make it.

Weekend before last (the last weekend of April/beginning of May), we celebrated our three year anniversary. My dad and Nancy kept Brendan AND the dogs for us so we could have a weekend of no responsibilities to relax. It was SO nice to have the weekend and we really appreciated them taking care of all our children for the weekend :) Friday, we went to dinner at Patrizio's on 7th (one of my most favorite restaurants but until recently it's only been in Plano and Highland Park) and then just came home and hung out. Saturday, we slept in until 10:00!!, went to lunch at Corner Bakery, got massages at the Mokara Spa in the Omni in downtown Fort Worth and then went to dinner at Ruth's Chris. It was delicious! Sunday, we went and got Brendan and had lunch with everyone before coming back home.

Here is our picture from Ruth's Chris. The dress I am wearing is the dress I wore: 1) in Las Vegas when we went right before we got engaged, 2) when we got engaged and 3) for our first anniversary. Tim said I need to make it a tradition to wear it every year :)
This past weekend, we went to Crockett and saw Nanny and Papa, Mammaw and Pappaw and CiCi and PeePaw for the weekend to celebrate Nanny's birthday and Mother's Day. Brendan is so lucky to still have four great grandparents that he gets to spend time with. Of course, as usual, I was terrible about taking pictures. Here is one of CiCi and Brendan on Mother's Day after we ate lunch. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone.
I wear a necklace most everyday that has two hearts on it. One is a heart from Nanny that was the first gift my Papa gave her. The other heart has Brendan's initials on it. For Mother's Day, I got a new heart for my necklace with Griffin's initials :) Also, it wasn't technically for Mother's Day but I guess it counts for that, I got a double BOB stroller because they were on sale at L.L. Bean. I'm so excited to have it and can't wait to use it once Griffin is here - it's the ultimate stroller and the one thing I've been saying I wanted since before we even got pregnant.

Hope all of you had a great weekend and Mother's Day! I will try to be much better at taking pictures!


abby and paxton said...

Congrats on another BOY! That's a cute name- Griffin- and Finn for short.
Your dress is really cute, might as well keep it tradition since it's so darling anyway.

Natalie said...

Sounds like fun! I've actually been to the Omni in Ft. Worth for a conference... such a NICE hotel! I'm sure the massages were great!

You're looking so cute at 18-19 wks pregnant!