Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lost and Found

I promise I'll do a post with pictures tomorrow. I don't know why I didn't blog last week. I thought about it several times but just never took the time to do it. I've also been really bad about taking pictures the last couple weeks :(

Anyway, remember the yellow Lab we found that we named Carmen? My friend's mom was going to take her and give her a new home. I can't remember exactly, but I believe it was last Thursday (not this one that just past, the one before that) evening, our neighbors knocked on our door and had Carmen. She had dug out underneath our back gate (it is by the air conditioners and we never go to that side so I had no idea she'd been trying to escape). They saw her run out when they were leaving so they grabbed her and brought her back. Tim put a bunch of big rocks and bricks in front of the opening she dug out and we went to bed. The next morning, I went out to feed her and she was gone. She had actually moved ALL the rocks and bricks so she could get back out the opening she dug! We didn't really know what to do and we aren't allowed to post signs in our neighborhood, per our HOA rules. I e-mailed the vet we brought her to when we found her and told them the situation and I kept a close eye on Craiglist and on our Community website to see if anyone posted that they found her.

I never saw anything so we assumed that someone found her and decided to keep her or maybe she went back to her original owners. Then, this past Wednesday, I think, I was driving home from running errands and I saw a sign posted that said "FOUND DOG." I had a feeling it was her, so I pulled over and looked at the sign. Sure enough, there was a picture of her on it. I called Tim and he wanted me to call my friend to see if her mother-in-law still wanted Carmen because, if not, we didn't really have anything we could do with her and didn't really want to keep her long term while trying to find another home for her. Nothing against the sweet girl, she was a great dog, but we didn't want to constantly worry about her escaping. I called my friend and she called her mother-in-law and she said she would still take her. My friend told me she would call the number of the people that found her and arrange pick up.

Well, she called them, and it turns out that Carmen's original owners saw the sign and went and got her! The man who found Carmen told my friend that the owners came with their little boy to pick Carmen up and he was SO excited to have her back :) I was really, really happy that they were able to find her and she was able to go back home. Next time, I think I will just violate the HOA rules and put up signs because obviously the owners wouldn't have found her otherwise.

So, it started out as kind of a sad thing because we thought we lost her and didn't know what happened, but it ended as a wonderful thing because she got to go home!


Bobbi Janay said...

That is so good. I am so glad she is back with her family.

YaYa said...

What a happy ending!!!!Kind of like Incredible Journey!!!