Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayers Please

I'd like to ask that all of you that read this please keep a couple that we know in your thoughts and/or prayers. I don't want to give a lot of personal information about them, but they got married the same day as us and we met them on our honeymoon (I'll call them M and J). We have kept in touch with them through facebook since the honeymoon. M and J were about 3 weeks behind us in their pregnancy and found out that their daughter (I'll call her A) had triploidy (a genetic disorder - you can google it and find info if you want). They had been praying and hoping for the best but A went to heaven tonight. They are very religious and put a lot of faith in God but I know this has to be terribly difficult and cannot imagine what they are going through.

Please think of them.


YaYa said...

Lauren, I will certainly keep your friends in my prayers. I cannot thing of anything worse, than the loss of a child.